Report on Indoor Finals



The Finals were not held in 2021, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, by rotation, they were held at The Grattons IBC, on Saturday 19th March 2022. We were again made very welcome, being allowed full use of all the Clubs facilities.

I would once again like to take this opportunity of thanking all those that helped to help make the Finals Day a success. This includes members of our own Executive Committee, Members and staff at Grattons and of course the players and their Club members and supporters.

There were 42 clubs in the Shield, In the Single Rink there were 56 competitors. In the Mixed Pairs there were 18 teams, and in the Mixed Fours 13 teams. All competitions, except the Mixed pairs were below the pre-Covid-19 figures. It is hoped that this only reflects the losses that Clubs experienced over the lock-downs and that, for all of us, the numbers will again rise

The entries in the two Mixed competitions continue to be lower than financially viable.

My thanks also to the Umpires, Denise and Ken Staton, who shared the day between them.

There was some excellent bowling and exciting matches, which kept all spectators and supporters excited.

The Indoor Challenge Shield

This competition was played between Whiteknights IBC (Reading) and Barking & District IBC.

Barking & District were the last runners-up, so came with the intention of trying to go one better this year. After 10 ends the score was33-34, 2 rinks each. After 15 ends it was 50-45 with 2 rinks drawing and 1 rink each. After 21 ends it was 67-76. Whiteknights had fought a valiant game but Barking had managed to pull ahead, although it ended with 2 winning rinks to each Club.

The Final score was Whiteknights 67 - Barking & District 76, thus my congratulations go to Barking & District, but to both Clubs for an excellent game.

The Single Rink (Indoor Fours) Competition

This competition was, played between Watford IBC and Wey Valley IBC

Here we had two Clubs that had not contested our Indoor Finals for the last few years. The match started very close, at 9 ends Watford were ahead 11-10 but at 10 ends Wey Valley were ahead 11-14. After 15 ends it was 17-17, obviously it could not be closer. However after the 15th end Watford were only able to win two ends, each by a single shot, whereas Wey Valley had four winning ends, ending with a 6 on the last end, whilst Watford were trying for a 3 to take the game to an extra end.

My congratulations go to Wey Valley who played a strong game, Watford fought hard and I trust we will see them in a Final again very soon.

The Final score was Watford 19 – Wey Valley 28

The Mixed Pairs

This competition was played between Camberley IBC and Huntingdon IBC

Huntingdon were the holders of this competition.

After 10 ends it was 11-12, after 15 ends the score was 14-18 and at 20 ends it was 21-21. This obviously set up an extremely exciting final end, apart from a tied end (very unusual) a winner would emerge.

Sarah and Neville Utton, had been behind for much of the second half of the game, until the 20 end. Their play gained them both a 2 shot win. My congratulations go to Camberley although both teams gave us all an excellent display of their skills.

The Final score wasCamberley IBC 23 – Huntingdon IBC 21

Mixed Fours

This competition was played between Worthing Pavilion IBC andBounds Green IBC, and was a repeat of the Final when last played in 2020.A final that was won by Worthing Pavilion

Bounds Green once again appeared to struggle on a green and carpet very different to their own. Mind I am well aware that Worthing Pavilion’s green also differs quite considerably. Bounds Green front end found it hard to stem the power Worthing Pavilion imposed. At 5 ends the score was 9-2 and at 10 ends 15-7. When the score reached 25-7, Bounds Green understandably thought an early lunch was needed. At least they once again went home with a trophy and enough money to return next year.

My congratulations go to Worthing Pavilion who having lost this Final four years ago, have made amends in their two Finals since.

The Final score wasWorthing Pavilion IBC 25 – Bounds Green 7


I would like to thank all those Clubs and Teams that entered and to congratulate those that won their games in the rounds leading to the Finals.

I would also like to convey my thanks to the Grattons IBC caterers, for their excellent meals and the teas and coffees provided to the players.

After a fine Lunch, toasts and speeches the L&SC President presented the Trophies and Banners to the Winners and Runners up of the morning games, namely the Indoor Fours, the Mixed Pairs and the Mixed Fours all of whom also got money prizes.

The Challenge Shield was played in the afternoon. It was followed by an excellent Dinner and the usual toasts and speeches. I again made a presentation to the Umpires and presented the Trophies and Banners to the Winner and Runner up both of whom also received prize money.

A toast was made to our hosts, The Grattons IBC which was responded to by their President.

To end the day, which followed our AGM by about two weeks, my period of Office as both Indoor Competition Secretary and President of L&SC came to an end. I then had the pleasure of investing our new President, who in turn invested our new Indoor Competition Secretary. I wish everybody good luck and good bowling.

Tony Plater

Hon. Indoor Competition Secretary

Finals Day Report for the season 2021-2022