5TH MARCH 2022

Nearly back to normal with a successful Outdoor season in 2021 and the Indoor season for 2021/2022 drawing to a close.

Let’s hope that we will soon be reasonably free of Covid and the havoc that it has caused.

The number of clubs who have entered Outdoor Competitions for 2022 has been reduced to 87 (110 clubs in 2017).

We did accept a new Outdoor club from the CB postal area, namely Newmarket Avenue BC.

It remains to be seen how many Indoor clubs will be entering the 2022/2023 season. There are 43 clubs in 2021/2022 (55 clubs in 2016/2017)

On a more positive note the average age of the Executive was reduced by Andrew Richardson for Southey BC joining us and taking a very active part in the Outdoor comps in 2021 and the initial stages for 2022. We are also very pleased to welcome Gaynor Campbell from Grattons IBC who will taking over the position of Indoor Competition Secretary held for many years by our President Tony Plater who is standing down after the finals in March. On your behalf I would like to thank him for all the work he has done.

The Association has been having their quarterly Executive meetings by Zoom, which takes getting used to, but more convenient than travelling to our spiritual home at Bounds Green.

In conclusion I thank you all for attending the AGM and my colleagues on the Executive for working with me on your behalf in order that the Association continues to flourish.

Roger Purssord Hon Gen Sec


The closing date for nominations is 30th November. All members of Affiliated Clubs are eligible for nomination and those elected are determined by ballot at the Annual General Meeting.


The Annual General Meeting will be held at the Bounds Green Bowls Club during the months of February or March in accordance with Rule 4.

Roger Purssord

Hon. General Secretary