Annual Reports


6TH MARCH 2021

Well at least we managed to play the Indoor Finals at Grattons IBC before lockdown stopped us in our tracks.

Due to the lockdowns and various restrictions, I am sure that all bowlers have been very frustrated with some clubs just not opening whilst some managed to play in house bowls.

We have taken the view that the 2021 Outdoor season should be ready to go ahead. A few clubs have decided not to enter but 91 clubs have taken the plunge, with our two mixed competitions attracting a reasonable amount of entries, as has the opportunity to make up to three entries in the men’s pairs, triples and fours.

With our last meeting at Grattons the Executive resorted to Zoom to hold meeting to discuss matters that need to be agreed. The actual bowling may be in moth balls but there still remains almost the same amount of admin work as per a normal year. With the reduction in travelling to meetings it is highly likely that meetings by Zoom will predominate in the years to come.

Following on from an advertising campaign by our Vice President John Harriyott, we are pleased to have attracted three new bowlers to join our Executive team.

Unfortunately Covid also put the block on the 2020/2021 Indoor season so we had no choice but to postpone the whole season. Let’s hope that by September all Indoor clubs will be able to open and we can run our competitions again.

On your behalf I would like to thank Bounds Green for the continued use of their facilities, without which the Association would not have a base to operate from.

I would also like to thank you all for attending the AGM and my colleagues on the Executive for working with me on your behalf in order that the Association continues to flourish.

In conclusion I have to advise that I am happy to remain as the General Secretary until we get through the current problem. Whether I am able or want to continue beyond 2022 will be decided later.


6TH MARCH 2021

My report this year can only be based upon cash flow as without competitions there can be no trading accounts.

There has been a reduction in our cash reserves of £ 1358.15

We repaid £ 4848.00 for competition fees requested by Outdoor clubs and as at 31st September 2020 we hold £ 1944.00 for competition fees which some clubs asked us to hold and some clubs neither asked for repayment nor told us to hold the fees paid.

We also hold all the affiliation fees which will be carried forward to the 2021 season.

Sadly our auditor Mr Jim Bates from Huntingdon IBC passed away so I enlisted the help of another bowling colleague who has experience in accounts etc and he – Terry Rowell who bowls at St.Neots IBC,. Carried out the audit