Indoor Competitions

Indoor Challenge Shield from 1973

YearWinnersRunners Up
1973-74Paddington Atherley
1974-75Atherley Falcon
1975-76Temple Falcon
1976-77Cambridge Park Cambridge Chesterton
1977-78Cyphers Desborough
1978-79Whiteknights City of Ely
1979-80Harpenden Isis
1980-81Croydon Falcon
1981-82Barking Whiteknights
1982-83Cyphers Isis
1983-84Cyphers Preston
1984-85Century Falcon
1985-86Tye Green Cambridge Park
1986-87City of Ely Longmeadow
1987-88Cambridge Park Preston
1988-89City of Ely Isis
1989-90Cambridge Park Whiteknights
1990-91Slade Desborough
1991-92Cyphers Herts
1992-93CambridgePark Desborough
1993-94Preston Foxhill
1994-95Barking Whiteknights
1995-96Foxhill Croydon
1996-97Cambridge Park Lawson Park
1997-98Atherley Cambridge Park
1998-99Atherley Cambridge Park
1999-00Croydon Barking
2000-01Croydon Lawson Park
2001-02Wey Valley Tye Green
2002-03Falcon Egham
2003-04Egham Tye Green
2004-05Barking Atherley
2005-06Egham Chesterton
2006-07Whiteknights Egham
2007-08Banister Park Whiteknights
2008-09Egham Barking
2009-10Desborough Ilford
2010-11Wey Valley Falcon
2011-12Barking & District Banister Park
2012-13Desborough Barking & District
2013-14Barking & District Egham
2014-15Victory Bounds Green
2015-16Barking & District Preston
2016-17Wey Valley Egerton Park
2017-18Barking & District Wey Valley
2018-19St Neots Essex County
2019-20St Neots Barking & District
2020-21Not Played - Covid Pandemic Not Played - Covid Pandemic
2021-22Barking & District Whiteknights
2022-23Whiteknights Barking