Minutes of the 123rd Annual General Meeting held at Bounds Green Bowls Club on Sunday 24th February 2019 at 11.00 am

PRESENT – EXECUTIVE -I.Harvey, R.Purssord, J.Lynch, L.Ashby, C.A.Plater, F.Doherty, M.Allmond - DELEGATES - M.Horder-Bush Hill Park, J.Prime -Selborne, G.Kernaghan-Orford House, Y.Allmond – Southwater.


The President welcomed the Officers and Delegates to the meeting and asked for a minutes silence in memory of bowlers who have passed away since the last AGM


The Hon. General Secretary read the Notice convening the meeting

APOLOGIES –EXECUTIVE S.Griffiths, J.Harriyott, R.Young, H.Skeratt

APOLOGIES – CLUBS - Uxbridge BC, Adur BC, Sandy BC, Flitwick BC, Worthing IBC, Bletchingley BC, Watford IBC, Hazells BC, St Albans Townsend BC, Harlow BC, Bovingdon BC, The Lawns(Enfield) IBC, Palmerston IBC, Iver Heath BC,

Banister Park IBC, Jacks Centre Latchington IBC, Bellingham BC, Wallington BC


The minutes of the 122nd AGM held on the 25th February 2018 were approved and signed as a true record. Moved L.Ashby seconded J.Lynch; Carried

No matters arising


Hon. General Secretary’s Report

Attached; Report accepted

Hon. Treasurer Report and Balance Sheet.

The treasurer went through the Balance Sheet, explaining the figures . The Balance Sheet showed a surplus of £1,915.83. Moved F.Doherty seconded L.Ashby that the report and Balance Sheet be accepted; passed.

J Lynch gave a vote of thanks to the Treasurer

Hon. Outdoor Competition Secretary’s Report

Attached; Report accepted I.Harvey gave a vote of thanks to J.Lynch for the many years of work he gave the Association.

Hon. Indoor Competition Secretary’s Report

Attached; Report accepted I.Harvey gave a vote of thanks to C.A.Plater for the work he has given to the Association.

Election of Officers for 2019-2020

President I.J.Harvey Marlow B.C

Senior Vice President C.A.Plater Wealden IBC

Hon. General Secretary R.Purssord Huntingdon IBC.

Hon. Treasurer R.Purssord Huntingdon IBC

Hon. Outdoor Comp. Secretary L.Ashby Preston IBC

Hon. Indoor Comp. Secretary C.A.Plater Wealden IBC

Hon. Webnaster J.Harryiott Wealden IBC

Moved by F.Doherty that the above should be elected on block; seconded

G. Kernaghan; Duly elected.

Election of Executive Committee Members

S.Griffths and R.Young; moved by L.Ashby, seconded by C.A.Plater; Duly elected.

Executive Committee recommendations for Competition


Outdoors - I. Harvey, L.Ashby and R.Purssord. Indoor – C.A.Plater

moved by F.Doherty, seconded by J.Lynch; Duly elected

Annual Affiliation Fee

Should remain at £25.00; Accepted

Hon. Examiner of the Accounts

Jim Bates Huntingdon IBC was accepted

Executive Committee recommendation

To amend the constitution rule 10 – Administration sub paragraph (d) – reduce the quorum of seven members to five members Moved C.A.Plater seconded F.Doherty; Carried

Any other competent business


I.Harvey thanked everybody for coming to the meeting and thanked Bounds Green for making their club available to us. With no further business the meeting closed at 11.38