Minutes of the 122nd Annual General Meeting held at Bounds Green Bowls Club on Sunday 25th February 2018 at 11.00 am

PRESENT – EXECUTIVE -I.Harvey, R.Purssord, J.Lynch, L.Ashby, T.Plater, J.Harriyott, M.Allmond - DELEGATES - M.Horder-Bush Hill Park, J.Prime-Selborne, G.Kernaghan-Orford House, L.Richards-Iver Heath


The President welcomed the Officers and Delegates to the meeting.


The Hon. General Secretary read the Notice convening the meeting.

APOLOGIES –EXECUTIVE - C.Hart, F.Doherty, S.Griffiths

APOLOGIES – CLUBS - Uxbridge BC, Adur BC, Old Coulsdon BC, Sandy BC, South London BC, Parsons Green BC, Watford IBC, Banister Park BC, Chertsey BC, Co-Op Luton BC, Gerrads Cross BC, Cambridge Park IBC, Holtwhites BC, Newport Pagnell BC, Rochford BC.


The minutes of the 121st AGM held on the 26th February 2017 were approved and signed as a true record. Moved R.Purssord seconded L.Ashby; Carried

No matters arising


Hon. General Secretary’s Report

Attached; Moved J.Lynch, seconded I. Harvey; Passed

Hon. Treasurer Report and Balance Sheet

The treasurer went through the Balance Sheet, explaining the figures. The Balance Sheet showed a deficit of £1,368.00. The Treasurer advised that he expected this loss to be reversed in 2018. Moved J. Lynch seconded L.Ashby that the report and Balance Sheet be accepted; passed.

Hon. Outdoor Competition Secretary’s Report

Attached. Report accepted.

L.Richards asked if we have contingency plan if the same situation that arose by Ed Morris, from Essex County, not playing in the Gold Badge final happens again. J.Lynch replied that this matter has been discussed and the Executive decided to leave as is; but our rules be amended to state that players have to be available to play on our finals days.

Hon. Indoor Competition Secretary’s Report

Attached. Report accepted

Election of Officers for 2018-2019

President I.J.Harvey Marlow BC

Senior Vice President No Nomination

Hon. General Secretary R.Purssord Huntingdon IBC

Hon. Treasurer R.Purssord Huntingdon IBC

Hon. Outdoor Comp. Secretary J.Lynch Bournemouth Park BC

Hon. Indoor Comp. Secretary T.Plater Wealden IBC

Hon. Webmaster J.Harryiott Wealden IBC

Moved by J.Lynch that the above should be elected on block; seconded J.Prime; duly elected.

Election of Executive Committee Members

S.Griffths Bounds Green IBC; accepted.

Executive Committee recommendations for Area Secretaries

I.Harvey, L.Ashby, R.Purssord; all accepted.

Annual Affiliation Fee

Should remain at £25.00; accepted.

Hon. Examiner of the Accounts

Jim Bates Huntingdon IBC; accepted.

Proposal from Bounds Green BC re; Mixed Gender membership

After the Secretary read out the proposal there followed a lengthy debate with every delegate making construction comments which covered many aspects that this proposal raised.

The general feeling was that the Association should accept mixed gender bowling but need to “test the water” first.

R.Purssord suggested that we could start by introducing mixed pairs (one lady and one man) and mixed fours (two ladies and two men) competitions into the next Indoor season.

Following further debate the following was proposed:- “To the Indoor competitions in 2018/2019 a Mixed Pairs and an Equal Gender Fours be introduced, with a proviso that the both the constitution and the Indoor competition rules be amended.”

Propsed L.Ashby; seconded R.Purssord. The Chairman called for a vote the result of which was ten in favour; one against; Proposal carried.

Any other competent business

J.Harryiott advised that he doesn’t like Sunday meetings and also asked if different venues for the Executive meetings could be considered.

I.Harvey thanked everybody for coming to the meeting and thanked Bounds Green for making their club available to us. With no further business the meeting closed at 12.36 pm.