1919 A Weir Ilford Park
1920 A Adamson Crouch Hill
1921 A A Warren Bounds Green
1922 W J Emmett Temple
1923 W J Jones Crouch Hill
1924 M Orchard Temple
1925 J G Carruthers Muswell Hill
1926 W Barlow Bellingham
1927 W A Starling Alexandra Palace
1928 F Biggin Temple
1929 W M Grice Croydon
1930 R W Pickering Herts
1931 F W Gibbon Essex County
1932 J M McKinlay Paddington
1933 A E Godsall Forest Hill
1934 A N Wilson Parsons Green
1935 A Goodwin Bush Hill Park
1936 J G Carruthers Muswell Hill
1937 F W Gibbons Essex County
1938 J Adams Prices
1939 J Paterson Belmont
1940-45 Not Played. World War 2
1946 G Leonardi Paddington
1947 R W Pickering Penfold J
1948 A T Sweeney Bellingham
1949 A C Thwaites Century
1950 F E Thompson Barnes Lonsdale
1951 H G Soar Lensbury
1952 T G Eburne Cambridge Park
1953 S A Jackson Luton Town
1954 D S J Curson Croydon
1955 A Clements Temple
1956 K F Pitz Parsons Green
1957 H Gardiner Croydon
1958 A Owen Magdalen Park
1959 A Clements Temple
1960 C K Blyth Hornsey
1961 E C M Lake Old Coulsdon
1962 A R Smith Century
1963 A Jones Wanstead
1964 G W Beckett Bush Hill Park
1965 R Brant Forest Hill
1966 F Gibson Beech Hill
1967 C Rew Temple
1968 D W Keene Malden
1969 A Hathaway Windsor & Eton
1970 J Stewart Mansfield
1971 S Porter Liberty of H’ring
1972 W L Bray Bounds Green
1973 C Rew Temple
1974 L J Penicud Windsor & Eton
1975 D Keene Malden
1976 B D Jones Balham
1977 F Sekjer Thames Polytech
1978 E G Sumner Brondesbury
1979 B H Vickers West Wickham
1980 J Gladwin Falcon
1981 J Gladwin Falcon
1982 R D Killick Banbury Chestnuts
1983 D J Whetstone Lindfield
1984 A Bennett Broomfield
1985 C Perrottet Aylesbury Town
1986 A Bennett Broomfield
1987 K G Birch Mid-Surrey
1988 W Richards Mid-Surrey
1989 R Marshall Chesterton
1990 T Beesley Blackheath&G’wich
1991 P Hunt Old Coulsdon
1992 K G Palmer Leighton Buzzard
1993 A J Smith Bellingham
1994 T Mould Connaught
1995 A Anderson Fleming Park
1996 A Sussex Denham
1997 I Ross Wallington
1998 M Gull Newdigate
1999 R D Manning Luton Town
2000 S Cooper Essex County
2001 P Allen Uxbridge
2002 P Lant Putney Town
2003 P Finney Woodford
2004 K Rodgers Chesham
2005 S Cooper Essex County
2006 R Rodgers Chesham
2007 D.Hunter Mid Surrey
2008 S Brewer City of London
2009 I.Muir Falcon
2010 M.Goord Bromley
2011 S.Jee Parsons Green
2012 E.Morris Essex County
2013 T.Downs North Sheen
2014 K.Allen Belmont
2015 E.Morris Essex County
2016 K.Watkins Essex County
2017 D.King Bromley
2018 M.Coulsdon Essex County
2019 M. Short Bromley
2020 Not Played - Covid Pandemic

W J Jones Crouch Hill
P G Newell Balham
Geo.Bell Brownswood
J M McKinlay Chiswick
C S Harwood Midland Bank
J Pirrie Bounds Green
W Plowman Luton Town
A F Warner Belmont
Arch.Brown Essex County
W I Baker Reading
W J Denham Brondesbury
T J Florence Crouch Hill
T C Hills Bellingham
J G Carruthers Muswell Hill
C E Gunnell Shirley Park
R W Pickering Herts
W J Finch Valentines Park
Hill A Goodwin Bush Hill Park
L S Jackson Brownswood
T C Hills Bellingham
E C B Collins Barnes Lonsdale
1940-45 Not Played. World War 2
R J Minns Paddington
J W Devine Ilford
S H Baker Hounslow Cons.
E J Haynes Century
E W Long Prices Athletic
A N Wilson Parsons Green
S Jackson Luton Town
J Branson Hounslow Cons.
A J Harvey Century
L Ball Croydon
A N Burborough Buckhurst Hill
W Moon Parsons Green
W E G Watson Winchmore Hill
R H Dinwoodie Standard T & C
T V Hearn Chesham
T V Hearn Chesham
C K Blyth Hornsey
P Ford Paddington
F Charlwood Northwood
H W Smith Paddington
A A Nuttall Old Coulsdon
F H Gladwin Wanstead
F N Kingshott Muswell Hill
N W Melville Edmonton
T H Probert Bromley
A Ridington Parsons Green
G Tippins Southall&Hanwell
R H Banks Herts
B Gilbert Welwyn G’den
A Allington Valentines Park
A E Goodman Luton Co-op
E Rochester Broomfield
J Poll Temple Fortune
E Hayward Century
B A Long Slough
J Bennett Leaside (Luton)
G V Firmin Bromley
R D Killick Banbury Chestnuts
J Christie Reading
B Clark Windsor & Eton
R D Killick Banbury Chestnuts
R D Killick Banbury Chestnuts
T Siddall Kings Chase
C Southon Croydon
M R Green Chelmsford
A Bennett Broomfield
Reading Liberty of H’ing
D Martin Garston
A Anderson Fleming Park
R F Green Chelmsford
J Sinclair Bush Hill Park
M R Skerry Chesham
J G Stewart Falcon
G D Brock B’heath&G’wich
P Burge Cheam Fields
K Bateup Tunbridge Wells
D Doe Bishopswood
P Reeves Mid-Surrey
M Rose Brentwood
D Bishop Atherley
M Farmers Maidstone
S.Mitchinson Romford
J King B’heath& G’witch
C.Jones Burnham
M.McDonagh Cheam
P.Gregory Aylesbury Town
T.Downs North Sheen
T.Brooks Poplar
K.Speck Essex County
K.Dow Southampton Old Green
K. Allen Belmont
R. Watkinson Broomfield
G. Bailey West Wickham
S. Varty Bletchley Town
Not Played - Covid Pandemic