Indoor Finals Day 2018


The Draw for the Challenge Shield and Single Rink Competitions took place late July and early August 2017. Copies were sent to all Clubs and competitors in late August / early September 2017, together with contact details, notes and instructions.

There were 45 clubs in the Shield, 4 less than last year, 26 playing in the 1st Round on Saturday 25th Nov 2017. The winners were then joined by the remaining 19 clubs, to make 32 clubs in the 2nd Round, played on Saturday 16th Dec 2017.

In the Single Rink there were 60 competitors, 12 less than last year. 56 in the First Round, played by 20th Nov 2017who were joined by 4 further competitors in the Second Round.

The competitions ran fairly smoothly with fewer walk-overs, although two teams did fail to play their match. My main problem was the fact that some teams failed to communicate their ‘Result’ although sometimes arranging to play their next game – presumably looking at the web site to find out the result of their next opponents game. The Competition Rules have been redrafted to try and prevent this happening in the future.

The Finals of the Indoor Competitions were held at The Grattons Indoor Bowling Club on Saturday 17th March 2018. It was the first time Grattons IBC had been used for our Finals and we would like to thank them for allowing us to use their green and for the excellent presentation lunch enjoyed by the competitors, visitors and the L&SC Executive & partners afterwards.

I would also like to express my thanks to the umpires who officiated at these Finals, namely Terry Boniface and Geoff Nelson – both Sussex based EBUA National umpires

The Indoor Challenge Shield

This competition was played between last year’s winners Wey Valley IBC and Barking & District IBC, who themselves were not new to our Finals.

Play was very close on two rinks, from start to finish, indeed both of these rinks actually finish level – 18-18 & 20-20 respectively. On the other two rinks things were different, Wey Valley moving into a 7-2 lead at five ends on one, whilst Barking moved to a 10-1 lead on the other. The final result was in doubt for much of the game but eventually Barking came out winners, although both Clubs actually Won on 1 Rink, Lost on 1 rink and drew on 2 rinks. The game was well fought and both Clubs are congratulated on some very good play.

The Final score was Wey Valley 76 - Barking & District 89

The Single Rink Competition

This competition was, fittingly for our first Finals at Grattons IBC, played between Lodden Vale IBC ‘B’ and Grattons IBC ‘B’

The game was, as one would expect, of great interest to the many spectators. Despite feeling Grattons may have ‘Home advantage’,Lodden Vale settled well and moved into a 9-0 lead after 7 ends. In the next 8 ends the momentum swung and Grattons moved into a 17-9 lead after 15 ends. With some excellent play, which kept everybody on the edge of their seats, Lodden Vale pulled back and only trailed 17-19 on the 20th end. For much of the last end it seemed as though Lodden Vale might win, or at least force the game into an extra end. Grattons however (with skill) put a wood on the jack which Lodden Vale were unable to move until their skips last wood cleanly removed it. This left Lodden Vale winning the end by 1 shot but losing an exciting game by 1 shot The Final score was Lodden Vale ‘B’ 18 - Grattons ‘B’ 19


I would like to thank all those Clubs and Teams that entered and to congratulate those that won their games in the rounds leading to the Finals. I wish you all good luck next year.

After an excellent lunch, the L&SC’s President, Ian Harvey (Marlow), made a presentation to the Umpires and presented the trophies and cheques to the Winners and Runners up. The Barking & District representative, together with the lady Presidents of both Lodden Vale and our host Club Grattons gave excellent ‘Toasts’ & responses after the presentations to round off a very enjoyable day.

Tony Plater

Hon. Indoor Competition Secretary