1898 J Clark Southampton County
1899 H Childs Reading
1900 D Gilfillan Brownswood
1901 W S Dodwell Spencer
1902 J Darroch Brownswood
1903 T Robertson South London
1904 W Stonehewer London County
1905 W H Hood North London
1906 James Park Banister Park
1907 Geo.Must South London
1908 W Morton Balham
1909 T R Mossman South London
1910 J Hyslop Muswell Hill
1911 G W Paton Brownswood
1912 J Shaw Brondesbury
1913 W J Jones Crouch Hill
1914 R Walker Southampton J
1915 D I Watson South London
1916 J G Carruthers Muswell Hill
1917 F G Curtis Southend-on-Sea
1918 G Owen Southend-on-Sea
1919 A E Goodsall Forest Hill
1920 J Stewart Banister Park
1921 W B Dow Crouch Hill H
1922 G P Pearson Liverpool Victoria
1923 J G Carruthers Muswell Hill
1924 A F Warner Belmont
1925 E F Gudgeon Preston (Brighton)
1926 W J Jones Crouch Hill
1927 J M McKinley Chiswick
1928 E C Redman Banister Park
1929 Dr.J Nicholl Belmont
1930 C Russell Croydon
1931 W M Grice Croydon
1932 W L Yeulett Mansfield
1933 Maj. A J Dodd Drive (Hove)
1934 A R Allen Oxford Cty & Cty
1935 P Tomlinson Margate
1936 G Oaker North London
1937 D Carr Bounds Green
1938 J G Pilbrow Muswell Hill
1939 G T Owen Esplanade
1940-44 Not Played. World War 2
1945 A N Wilson Parsons Green
1946 B P S Pyman Paddington
1947 A N Wilson Parsons Green
1948 G F Trieb Mansfield
1949 N Miller Lyons
1950 G F Trieb Mansfield
1951 A T Durrant Bellingham
1952 E J Haynes Century
1953 G Heath Dickinsons
1954 E R Grayson Barnes Lonsdale
1955 A G Jenkins London Transport
1956 R Middleton Bromley
1957 S A Jackson Luton Town
1958 S A Jackson Luton Town
1959 G Frost St.Albans T’send
1960 G Frost St.Albans T’send
1961 J Stewart Mansfield
1962 S E Martin Livesey Memorial
1963 J Girdwood Paddington
1964 R C Higgs Chesham
1965 J Bayne Wokingham
1966 F J Harris Paddington
1967 E R Trew Bush Hill Park
1968 A T Devine Valentines Park
1969 L H Traves Century D W
1970 R E Lewis Alexandra B & S
1971 T Atkinson St.Albans
1972 E R Trew Bush Hill Park
1973 R Paine London Transpt.
1974 H Philipson Ilford
1975 E Pugh Rolls Royce M J
1976 R M Dowsett Orford House
1977 J F Hill Preston (Brighton)
1978 E Hayward Century
1979 I L Fennell Aldersbrook
1980 G V Coles Falcon
1981 D Crocker Livesey Memorial
1982 R Chandler B’heath&G’wich
1983 R Chandler B’heath&G’wich
1984 B Hughes St.Albans
1985 M Wilde Maidstone
1986 G A Smyth Paddington
1987 A Bennett Broomfield
1988 A Lockyer Essex County
1989 K Blackman Essex County
1990 P Line Atherley
1991 R Rodgers Broadway
1992 M Goord Eltham
1993 P McGuinness Denham
1994 J Casale Bounds Green
1995 W Richards Mid-Surrey
1996 B Jones Uxbridge
1997 T Mould Connaught
1998 R Ingram Bounds Green
1999 S Reading Liberty of Havering
2000 J Smith Suttons (Reading)
2001 D Young Farnham
2002 P Cater West Ealing
2003 T Mould Connaught
2004 N Skidmore West Ealing
2005 J.Farrell Belmont
2006 D Hennessey Southey
2007 M.Beeson Southey
2008 R Southwood Belmont
2009 T.Bishop Atherley
2010 T.Bishop Atherley
2011 N.Worley Paddington J
2012 P.Cook Poplar
2013 B.Emanuel Egham
2014 W.Mewis West Wickham
2015 P.Cook Poplar
2016 P.Cook Poplar
2017 W. Matthews
2018 T. Haskins
2019 A. Richardson
 H C Rowlands Bounds Green
 H Baker Spencer
 W H Simonds Reading
 F Pavia Sydenham
 Jas Burling Hurst
 F Kimber Southampton Cnty
 J Hay Temple Fortune
 W F Stewart Forest Hill
 Wilmer Brown Bounds Green
 Thos.Drummond North London
 Wm.S Carmichael Brownswood
 D Rice Thomas Edmonton
 A R Sweet Essex County
 W M Gauld Muswell Hill
 J A Callow West End(Reading)
 John Hunter Bounds Green
 Jas Carter North London
 S C Wilkins Bounds Green
 F McGregor Dulwich
 G Oaker Brownswood
 G Allen North London
 R H Broadfoot Muswell Hill
 G P Pearson Bush Hill Park
 H Stubbs Balham
 B G White Priory (Hornsey)
 W Barlow Bellingham
 M Orchard Temple
 H Stubbs Balham
 Jas Edney Atherley
 Andrew Wilson Parsons Green
 A E Taylor Hendon
 T C Hills Eltham
 A Goodwin Bush Hill Park
 Dr.J W Fisher Torbay County
 R J Hart Grove (Dulwich)
 J W Smith South London
 H E Mann Sprinfield (Acton)
 R W Pickering Herts (Watford)
 J Paterson Belmont
 J Paterson Belmont
 J T Snelgar Bellingham
 C H Godwin Redhill
 Not Played. World War 2
 H E Nevill Enfield Town Cons
 J Harding Belmont
 R Letford Vauxhall Motors
 G Townsend Magdalen Park
 M Orchard Alford
 W Barlow Bellingham
 E J Haynes Century
 H M Hollands Harvey Sports
 A T Durrant Bellingham
 Lonsdale J A Gould Mansfield
 J F Coe Admin.Staff Kodak
 J Orr Brondesbury
 R E Lewis Preston (Brighton)
 A J Phipp Bexley Heath Cons
 E C M Lake Old Coulsdon
 L J Kirton Parsons Green
 B Drury Watneys
 E R Trew Bush Hill Park
 E R Trew Bush Hill Park
 R St.G Good Belmont
 R G Grierson Dickinsons(Apsley)
 W Lovelock Whitbreads
 T W Reeves LondonTranpt.A.S.
 R Briggs Croydon
 D W Keene Malden
 W J Newman Ilford
 L Kirton Parsons Green
 D J Clark Forest Hill
 A S H Own Bournemouth Park
 J Hill Hove & Kingsway
 M J Connor West Wimbledon
 J W Cross B’heath&G’wich
 S J Hill St.Albans T’send
 W Richards Mid-Surrey
 M Sekjer Thames Poly
 Falcon V Gooding Bletchingley
 C Weller Ashtead
 R Mortimore Maidenhead Town
 D Wise Chesham
 R Morten Shepherds Bush
 R S Roylands Mansfield
 R S Oakes Slough
 G A Smith Old Colfeians
 P Vamvacopoulos Croydon
 M Harris Preston (Brighton)
 G Grace High Wycombe
 P Vamvacopoulos West Wimbledon
 P McGuinness Denham
 B Long Slough
 M Newman Reading
 D Donald Brondesbury
 D Christie Suttons (Reading)
 K E Smith Denham
 P R Burge Cheam Fields
 R Bennett Wallington
 P Finney Woodford
 B Mitchell Windsor & Eton
 D J Williams Old Colfeians
 S Jee Parsons Green
 R Long Eastleigh Railway
 A.Smallbridge Preston
 G Smyth Bletchley Town
 A.Hanton Rochford
 P Allen Uxbridge
 B.Rogers Bletchingly
 A.Swan The Springhouse
 J.Cawdell Luton Town
 J.Wood Eastleigh Railway
 J.Collins Parsons Green
 R.J.Lee Barton Le Clay
 A.Bridgen St.Albans Townsend
 R. Long Flemming Park
 P. Cook
 A. Ciampini