1898 J Clark Southampton County
1899 H Childs Reading
1900 D Gilfillan Brownswood
1901 W S Dodwell Spencer
1902 J Darroch Brownswood
1903 T Robertson South London
1904 W Stonehewer London County
1905 W H Hood North London
1906 James Park Banister Park
1907 Geo.Must South London
1908 W Morton Balham
1909 T R Mossman South London
1910 J Hyslop Muswell Hill
1911 G W Paton Brownswood
1912 J Shaw Brondesbury
1913 W J Jones Crouch Hill
1914 R Walker Southampton J
1915 D I Watson South London
1916 J G Carruthers Muswell Hill
1917 F G Curtis Southend-on-Sea
1918 G Owen Southend-on-Sea
1919 A E Goodsall Forest Hill
1920 J Stewart Banister Park
1921 W B Dow Crouch Hill H
1922 G P Pearson Liverpool Victoria
1923 J G Carruthers Muswell Hill
1924 A F Warner Belmont
1925 E F Gudgeon Preston (Brighton)
1926 W J Jones Crouch Hill
1927 J M McKinley Chiswick
1928 E C Redman Banister Park
1929 Dr.J Nicholl Belmont
1930 C Russell Croydon
1931 W M Grice Croydon
1932 W L Yeulett Mansfield
1933 Maj. A J Dodd Drive (Hove)
1934 A R Allen Oxford Cty & Cty
1935 P Tomlinson Margate
1936 G Oaker North London
1937 D Carr Bounds Green
1938 J G Pilbrow Muswell Hill
1939 G T Owen Esplanade
1940-44 Not Played. World War 2
1945 A N Wilson Parsons Green
1946 B P S Pyman Paddington
1947 A N Wilson Parsons Green
1948 G F Trieb Mansfield
1949 N Miller Lyons
1950 G F Trieb Mansfield
1951 A T Durrant Bellingham
1952 E J Haynes Century
1953 G Heath Dickinsons
1954 E R Grayson Barnes Lonsdale
1955 A G Jenkins London Transport
1956 R Middleton Bromley
1957 S A Jackson Luton Town
1958 S A Jackson Luton Town
1959 G Frost St.Albans T’send
1960 G Frost St.Albans T’send
1961 J Stewart Mansfield
1962 S E Martin Livesey Memorial
1963 J Girdwood Paddington
1964 R C Higgs Chesham
1965 J Bayne Wokingham
1966 F J Harris Paddington
1967 E R Trew Bush Hill Park
1968 A T Devine Valentines Park
1969 L H Traves Century D W
1970 R E Lewis Alexandra B & S
1971 T Atkinson St.Albans
1972 E R Trew Bush Hill Park
1973 R Paine London Transpt.
1974 H Philipson Ilford
1975 E Pugh Rolls Royce M J
1976 R M Dowsett Orford House
1977 J F Hill Preston (Brighton)
1978 E Hayward Century
1979 I L Fennell Aldersbrook
1980 G V Coles Falcon
1981 D Crocker Livesey Memorial
1982 R Chandler B’heath&G’wich
1983 R Chandler B’heath&G’wich
1984 B Hughes St.Albans
1985 M Wilde Maidstone
1986 G A Smyth Paddington
1987 A Bennett Broomfield
1988 A Lockyer Essex County
1989 K Blackman Essex County
1990 P Line Atherley
1991 R Rodgers Broadway
1992 M Goord Eltham
1993 P McGuinness Denham
1994 J Casale Bounds Green
1995 W Richards Mid-Surrey
1996 B Jones Uxbridge
1997 T Mould Connaught
1998 R Ingram Bounds Green
1999 S Reading Liberty of Havering
2000 J Smith Suttons (Reading)
2001 D Young Farnham
2002 P Cater West Ealing
2003 T Mould Connaught
2004 N Skidmore West Ealing
2005 J.Farrell Belmont
2006 D Hennessey Southey
2007 M.Beeson Southey
2008 R Southwood Belmont
2009 T.Bishop Atherley
2010 T.Bishop Atherley
2011 N.Worley Paddington J
2012 P.Cook Poplar
2013 B.Emanuel Egham
2014 W.Mewis West Wickham
2015 P.Cook Poplar
2016 P.Cook Poplar
2017 W. Matthews
2018 T. Haskins
 H C Rowlands Bounds Green
 H Baker Spencer
 W H Simonds Reading
 F Pavia Sydenham
 Jas Burling Hurst
 F Kimber Southampton Cnty
 J Hay Temple Fortune
 W F Stewart Forest Hill
 Wilmer Brown Bounds Green
 Thos.Drummond North London
 Wm.S Carmichael Brownswood
 D Rice Thomas Edmonton
 A R Sweet Essex County
 W M Gauld Muswell Hill
 J A Callow West End(Reading)
 John Hunter Bounds Green
 Jas Carter North London
 S C Wilkins Bounds Green
 F McGregor Dulwich
 G Oaker Brownswood
 G Allen North London
 R H Broadfoot Muswell Hill
 G P Pearson Bush Hill Park
 H Stubbs Balham
 B G White Priory (Hornsey)
 W Barlow Bellingham
 M Orchard Temple
 H Stubbs Balham
 Jas Edney Atherley
 Andrew Wilson Parsons Green
 A E Taylor Hendon
 T C Hills Eltham
 A Goodwin Bush Hill Park
 Dr.J W Fisher Torbay County
 R J Hart Grove (Dulwich)
 J W Smith South London
 H E Mann Sprinfield (Acton)
 R W Pickering Herts (Watford)
 J Paterson Belmont
 J Paterson Belmont
 J T Snelgar Bellingham
 C H Godwin Redhill
 Not Played. World War 2
 H E Nevill Enfield Town Cons
 J Harding Belmont
 R Letford Vauxhall Motors
 G Townsend Magdalen Park
 M Orchard Alford
 W Barlow Bellingham
 E J Haynes Century
 H M Hollands Harvey Sports
 A T Durrant Bellingham
 Lonsdale J A Gould Mansfield
 J F Coe Admin.Staff Kodak
 J Orr Brondesbury
 R E Lewis Preston (Brighton)
 A J Phipp Bexley Heath Cons
 E C M Lake Old Coulsdon
 L J Kirton Parsons Green
 B Drury Watneys
 E R Trew Bush Hill Park
 E R Trew Bush Hill Park
 R St.G Good Belmont
 R G Grierson Dickinsons(Apsley)
 W Lovelock Whitbreads
 T W Reeves LondonTranpt.A.S.
 R Briggs Croydon
 D W Keene Malden
 W J Newman Ilford
 L Kirton Parsons Green
 D J Clark Forest Hill
 A S H Own Bournemouth Park
 J Hill Hove & Kingsway
 M J Connor West Wimbledon
 J W Cross B’heath&G’wich
 S J Hill St.Albans T’send
 W Richards Mid-Surrey
 M Sekjer Thames Poly
 Falcon V Gooding Bletchingley
 C Weller Ashtead
 R Mortimore Maidenhead Town
 D Wise Chesham
 R Morten Shepherds Bush
 R S Roylands Mansfield
 R S Oakes Slough
 G A Smith Old Colfeians
 P Vamvacopoulos Croydon
 M Harris Preston (Brighton)
 G Grace High Wycombe
 P Vamvacopoulos West Wimbledon
 P McGuinness Denham
 B Long Slough
 M Newman Reading
 D Donald Brondesbury
 D Christie Suttons (Reading)
 K E Smith Denham
 P R Burge Cheam Fields
 R Bennett Wallington
 P Finney Woodford
 B Mitchell Windsor & Eton
 D J Williams Old Colfeians
 S Jee Parsons Green
 R Long Eastleigh Railway
 A.Smallbridge Preston
 G Smyth Bletchley Town
 A.Hanton Rochford
 P Allen Uxbridge
 B.Rogers Bletchingly
 A.Swan The Springhouse
 J.Cawdell Luton Town
 J.Wood Eastleigh Railway
 J.Collins Parsons Green
 R.J.Lee Barton Le Clay
 A.Bridgen St.Albans Townsend
 R. Long Flemming Park
 P. Cook