September 1st is here, sun shining and a clear sky. The 462 entries that started in May are down to the final 12. In the Shield Fleming Park (first time finalists) against Romford (who were runners up in 2011, winners in 2010, 2004 & 1992). President Pam hands the green over to the Association and game on. At 5 ends Fleming Park were 6 shots up; at 10 ends 15 up; at 15 ends 23 up; at 18 ends Romford conceded the game at 50-23. After a very good Buffett Lunch President Ian presented the Shields and said a few words. A. Anderson responded on behalf of the competitors.

Then the afternoon games were on.

The Fours - Bromley did not allow West Ealing into the game. West Ealing conceded at 19 ends 20 - 10 down.

The Triples - Thatcham versus Wanstead Central was a close game; at 10 ends 6 all; at 15 ends Wanstead were 14-8 but did not get another shot, Thatcham scored another 4 shots but lost 14-12.

The Pairs - another one sided game; at 10 ends Iver Heath were 8 shots up and during the game a 5 and a 4 were the killer punch, with Redhill conceding on the 20th end 26-13. 

The Lonsdale - Essex County, who believe they own this trophy, were playing West Wickham. At 15 ends M.Couldon (Essex County) put the pressure on G. Bailey pulling away and winning 21-13. A fine game.

The Gold Badge - proved to be a classic, Perry Cook, twice a winner from Poplar, was playing Thomas Haskins from Bromley. Perry was 2 up at 10 ends; 5 up at 15 ends; at 21 ends it was 18 all. What a game! On the 19th end Perry scored 2 shots and on the last end Thomas scored 3 shots to win 21-20. A fitting climax to a great day.

Bob and his team of caterers put on a fine meal, President Ian presented the trophies, (prize money is paid by bank transfer) and said a few words. On behalf of all the competitors Thomas Haskins made a very good response.

Our thanks go to Bounds Green for the use of the Club facilities; to the umpires; to the markers and to all of the competitors.


Result Fleming Park - 50 Romford - 23

Winners £1000 Runner up £500

Fleming Park will hold the Silver “Challenge Shield” for one year.

Romford will hold the Silver “Andrews Shield” for one year.

                        GOLD BADGE

Result Thomas Haskins (Bromley) – 21 Perry Cook (Poplar) - 20

Winner £300 Runner up £200

Thomas Haskins received the Gold Badge


Result Bromley - 20 West Ealing - 10

Winners £400 Runner up £200

Bromley will hold the Silver “Star Trophy” for one year.

West Ealing will hold the Silver “Association Trophy” for one year.


Result Wanstead Central - 14 Thatcham - 12

Winners £300 Runner up £150

Wanstead Central will hold the Silver “Crosier Trophy” for one year.

Thatcham will hold the Silver “Colyer Cup” for one year.


Result Iver Heath - 26 Redhill - 13

Winners £200 Runner up £100

Iver Heath will hold the Silver “Woollacott Trophy” for one year.

Redhill will hold the Silver “Hayden Jones” Memorial Trophy for one year.


Result M.Coludon (Essex County) - 21 G.Bailey (West Wickham) - 13

Winners £250 Runner up £150

G.Bailey and his club West Wickham will hold the Silver “Lloyd Post Trophy”.

Due to insurance conditions the Gold Badge and the Lonsdale Trophy are retained by the Association.


With the exception of the Challenge Shield, the winning competitors participating in the Final will be presented with a L&SC BA Blazer Flash. Winners will be able to purchase a Blazer Badge (Cost £9.50).