September 2nd has arrived; the sun is shining and the green is being cut. The 1670 competitors from 105 clubs who in May started the long fight to Bounds Green have been reduced to 38 competitors from 9 clubs to bowl in the 6 finals. The umpire had checked the rinks and woods, President Pam handed the Green to the Association.

At 10.30 the Shield was under way. Rink 2 was a very close game, Camberley stuck on 7 for 4 ends and Sandy stuck on 15 for 4 ends eventually winning 15-14. Rink 4 was not so close with Camberley always ahead winning 21-12. Final score Camberley 35 Sandy 27.

President Ian presented the Shields which was followed by a buffet for the players.

14.30 saw the start of the Triples and Pairs. As one of the players in the Fours was delayed on the A406, Camberley were given 30 minutes grace, the player arrived so game on. At 4 ends it was Old Coulsdon 2 Camberley 2. At 11 ends Camberley were 8 shots up. Old Coulsdon fought back but Camberley were too strong winning 21-15.

Bletchley scored 14 shots in 4 ends. Eastleigh fought back over the next 8 ends scoring 10-7, but it was not enough with Bletchley winning 23-13.

In the Pairs the holders, Bletchley Town, were trying to win the Trophy for the third year running. It was a very good game at 9 ends 10 all, at 14 ends Bletchley were 20-15 up but only scored another 2 shots. Holtwhites went into the 21st end 1 shot down, but scored 3 winning 24-22.

The Lonsdale was between Roger Watkinson of Broomfield and Dave King of Bromley. At 14 ends Roger was 7 shots up; at 18 ends Dave was 2 shots down; at 20 ends Roger was 6 shots up; Dave started his fight back scoring 7 shots in the last 4 ends. Roger could not get off 20 with Dave winning 21-20.This game was worthy of any final.

For the first time in the history of the Association the final of the Gold Badge was not played. Will Matthews form Camberley was given a walk over by Ed Morris for Essex County.

After an excellent buffet; prepared by the ladies of Bounds Green, President Ian presented the Trophies. (All the prize money would be paid by bank transfer). On behalf of all the finalists Will Matthews replied to the toast to the finalists. It was a very fine response. Our thanks go to Bounds Green for the use of the Club facilities; to the umpires; to the markers and to all of the competitors.


Result Camberley..35 Sandy Conservatives..27

Winners £1000 R/ £500

Camberley will hold the Silver “Challenge Shield” for one year.

Sandy Conservatives will hold the Silver “Andrews Shield” for one year.


Result Will Matthews (Camberley) …….W/O

Winner £300

Will Matthews received the Gold Badge


Result Camberley ..21 Old Coulsdon ..15

Winners £400 R/ £200

Camberley will hold the Silver “Star Trophy” for one year.

Old Coulsdon will hold the Silver “Association Trophy” for one year.


Result Bletchley Town..23 Eastleigh Railway ..13

Winners £300 R/ £150

Bletchley Town will hold the Silver “Crosier Trophy” for one year.

Eastleigh Railway will hold the Silver “Colyer Cup” for one year.


Result Holtwhites..24 Bletchley Town..22

Winners £200 R/ £100

Holtwhites will hold the Silver “Woollacott Trophy” for one year.

Bletchley Town will hold the Silver “Hayden Jones” Memorial Trophy for one year.


Result D.King (Bomley).. 21 R.Watkinson (Broomfield).. 20

Winners £250 R/ £150

R.Watkinson and his club Broomfield will hold the Silver “Lloyd Post Trophy”.

Due to insurance conditions the Gold Badge and the Lonsdale Trophy are retained by the Association.