London &Southern Counties Bowling Association


11.00am on Saturday the 5thof March 2022 by Zoom


  1. President’s opening welcome

  2. The Hon. General Secretary to read the notice convening the Meeting

  3. Apologies for absence

  4. Minutes of the 125th Annual General Meeting

  5. Matters arising from those Minutes

  1. Annual Reports from the following:

  1. Hon. General Secretary

  2. Hon. Treasurer; approval of accounts

  3. Hon. Outdoor Competition Secretary

  4. Hon. Indoor Competition Secretary

  1. Election of Officers for 2021-2022

  1. President C.A.Plater Felbridge BC

  2. Vice President J.Harriyott Wealden IBC

  3. Immediate Past President I. Harvey Marlow BC

  4. Hon. General Secretary R.Purssord Huntingdon IBC

  5. Hon. Treasurer R.Purssord Huntingdon IBC

  6. Life Members J. Lynch, F. Doherty& M. Allmond

  7. Hon. Outdoor Comp.Sec J. Lynch Bournemouth Park BC

  8. Hon. Indoor Comp.Secretary C.A.Plater Felbridge BC

  9. Hon.Web Master J.Harriyott Wealden IBC

  10. Hon Fixture Secretary S. Griffiths Bounds Green BC

  11. Outdoor Competition Administrators – A.Richardson Southey BC

R.Purssord Huntingdon IBC

  1. Indoor Competition Administrator C.A.Plater Felbridge BC

  1. Election of Executive Committee members

  1. R.Young - Bounds Green BC

  2. A Frankland – Hendon BC

  1. Election of Hon. Examiner of our Accounts- Terry Rowell – St Neots IBC (our previous auditor – Jim Bates - passed away in November 2020)

  1. Annual Affiliation Fee – recommended to remain at £ 27.50

  2. Any other competent business