London & Southern Counties Bowling Association

123rd Annual General Meeting.

11.00am on Sunday 24th February 2019

Held at Bounds Green Bowling Club.


1) President’s opening welcome

2) The Hon. General Secretary to read the Notice convening the Meeting

3) Apologies for absence

4) Minutes of the 122nd Annual General Meeting

5) Matters arising from those Minutes

6) Annual Reports from the following:

a) General Secretary

b) Treasurer approval of accounts and balance sheet

c) Outdoor Competitions Secretary

d) Indoor Competitions Secretary

7) Election of Officers for 2019 -2020

a) President I.J.Harvey Marlow BC

b) Senior Vice President C.A.Plater Wealden IBC

c) Hon.General Secretary R.Purssord Huntingdon IBC

d) Hon.Treasurer R.Purssord Huntingdon IBC

e) Hon.Outdoor Comp. Secretary L.Ashby Preston IBC

f) Hon.Indoor Comp. Secretary C.A.Plater Wealden IBC

g) Hon.Webmaster J.Harriyott Wealden IBC

8) Election of Executive Committee Members for 2019-2020

      S Griffiths Bounds Green IBC, R Young Bounds Green BC

9) Executive Committee recommendations for Competition Administrators

Outdoors - I. Harvey, L.Ashby and R.Purssord

Indoor – C.A.Plater

10) Annual Affiliation Fee

Recommended to remain at £ 25.00

11) Election of Hon. Examiner of Accounts

Jim Bates (Huntingdon IBC)

12) Executive Committee recommendation

To amend the constitution rule 10 – Administration sub paragraph (d) – reduce the quorum of seven members to five members

11) Any other competent business